Our Dogs Who Need a Home Raven is sweet and loving female Sheepdog terrier mix, around 2 years old, 31 lbs. This beautiful girl was a stray and very sad in a shelter. She was groomed due to severe matting. Raven is a very good girl with sweet disposition. We will post more information soon. Raven is in need of foster/adoptive home. If you would like to foster her with option to adopt, please email us to ourangelsdr@gmail.com Fancy is a 1 year old Shepherd mix. She is a sweet and playful puppy who loves everyone she meets. She gets along great with other dogs and children. When arriving at her foster home she didn't know anything about living in a home. She had to learn how to use stairs, how to play with toys and what treats were. She is still working on the house rules such as what she can and cannot touch or chew. With guidance and supervision she is quickly learning the rules. She has been working hard on her obdience skills and tricks and will need to continue training to perfect all her new skills and tricks. She has learned; sit, down, wait (stay), let's go walking (heel at left side while walking), get in (get into start sit position at your left side), when on walks she sits when you stop at cross walks, look at me, paw (this one is her favourite), spin and she's working hard on her come recall. Fancy is crate trained and house broken. She is a energetic young dog that does require regular exercise but also enjoys curling up on a dog bed or couch while her foster family watches tv. She is being fostered in the Hamilton area, please send us an email at ourangelsdr@gmail.com if you are interested in meeting this beautiful girl! Mickey is a sweet and loving boy who was overlooked in a high kill shelter likely because you cannot see dog’s personality behind the bars where dog’s body is frozen from the fear. But we saw what an amazing boy he really is. Mickey is possibly cur/boxer mix and he is 1 year old around, weighs 40 lbs. He  is very sweet, loving and great with dogs. He loves people. Mickey needs foster/adoptive home in order for us to bring him to Canada. If you are interested in Mickey, please email us to ourangelsdr@gmail.com Thank you! Here is Frost, 8 months old beautiful boy with sweet personality. He would like to join our rescue but we need help. This beautiful and very skinny boy needs extra vetting including blood work to make sure he is not anemic. We are struggling financially and we are hoping we can raise 250$ to help us with his vetting. Frost was not taken care off by his previous family and we are hoping we can make his wish come through to come home to Canada. If you could help us with small donations, please e-transfer to ourangelsdr@gmail.com or you can call our vet in Kentucky to donate towards his vetting. Thank you! Meet Rosa, 4 years old chi mix around 14 lbs. This sweet girl was so lost in a shelter and hoping someone will come and adopt her since she was never claimed by her owners. Her foster mom says that Rosa is a dream dog. She is very affectionate, well behaved, happy and great with other dogs, cats and kids. She dances on her back legs when she wants your attention and for treats! She takes her treats very gently. She’s housebroken. She is currently being fostered in Toronto. If you are interested in meeting this perfect girl, email us to ourangelsdr@gmail.com Thank you! We would like you to meet Sasha. This sweet, kind girl was heartbroken when her owner surrendered her to a high kill shelter. Sasha is around 1 ½ years old and is a German shepherd, boxer mix with possibly some great dane. She has the cutest under bite and we think it just adds to her beautiful bright smile. She has the sweetest face and will be more than happy to thank you in kisses. Sasha has the height of a German shepherd and is a large girl. She weighs 50 pounds but needs to gain another 10-15 pounds to be her ideal weight. Sasha is house broken and walks well on a leash and she is crate trained. Sasha is a very athletic girl and would be happy going on long walks and hikes but is also very happy to snuggle up on the couch beside you! Sasha should go to a family that has a doggie friend for her to play with. She is great with all dogs but can be a little nervous of new situations and another dog would reassure her that everything is ok. It just takes her a little longer to understand that she is in a safe place. Sasha is in the USA and needs a foster/adoptive family to come to Canada. If you would like to help Sasha please send us an email at ourangelsdr@gmail.com Meet Olive, 9 moths old shep mix, 28 lbs. Sweet girl with a great smile and amazing personality. This playful girl was found by the road and brought to the shelter. Hard to believe nobody came looking for her since she is a very happy girl and loves all dogs and was not reactive to the shelter cats. Olive is waiting for her family to find her but this time a real family who will offer her what she is hoping for, love, a home, toys, walks and most of all her humans. If you are interested in Olive, please note she needs foster/ adoptive home so we could bring her to Canada. Please email us at ourangelsdr@gmail.com Georgie is male terrier mix around 1-1.5 year old and around 22 lbs of pure love. This sweet boy was left by a stranger in high kill shelter after being picked up on the road. Georgie was hungry and scared not knowing what is happening to him. His hair were matted and his sad and confused eyes were asking why he is there. We think he was just dumped by the owner, which is not uncommon for unwanted animals. Georgie is good with other dogs, he loves people and he showed no interest in cats in a shelter. This handsome boy will need some help with leash walking and maybe housebreaking as we do not know much about his history. Georgie will be really good addition to any family who likes small to medium dogs. Georgie needs foster or adoptive home for us to bring him to Canada. If you are interested in this boy, please email us to ourangelsdr@gmail.com Simba. This beautiful boy is around 9-10 months old, border collie mix, 39lbs. Super sweet. He loves to play sometimes a bit rough but stops when told. It is a typical puppy behavior. He rides great in a car, and looks out the window. He went to the office with his foster mom and was behaving very well. Simba is a smart boy with a lots of personality. He is crate trained. He haasn't had full free range of the house just yet, but is very good with housetraining so far. He's curious of cats, but not mean. He likes to venture down to the creek with his foster sister and he does follow her, but stays close and comes back quickly. Simba still needs leash training and some obedience but this smart boy loves to be near his people and is eager to learn. If you are interested in this beautiful boy please email us to ourangelsdr@gmail.com Please note that Simba needs foster or forever home so he could come to Canada. We want to introduce you to Mojo, a 1 year old, sweet male Border Collie who loves people and is fine with other dogs. Mojo found himself in high kill shelter and had no idea why. He was found as a stray. For sure he was hungry for a while as he needs to gain some weight. Mojo is full of energy but after a few minutes of good play time few times a day and he gladly goes and rests on his bed. Border collies are amazing dogs: smart, loyal and very intelligent. They love physical activity and mental stimulation. Mojo will be amazing boy to active family. We would not recommend him to families with small children because of his activity level . This breed is often surrenderd to shelters because families don't have time for them. They are truly amazing dogs. We don't know if Mojo is good with cats as we don't have a way of testing him with cats. Since Mojo was a stray we are not sure if he is housebroken but we know he will learn fast as he really wants to please. This boy is a charmer with beautiful smile. Mojo needs foster/ adoptive family for us to bring him home to Canada. If you would like to foster/ adopt him, please email us to ourangelsdr@gmail.com